mechanic - austral bikes 2022 - 2023

Welcome to Austral Bikes Bicycle maintenance workshop, come along and give your trusty bicycle the maintenance it deserves.

We are a full-service bike workshop and we offer a huge range of bike components and accessories, along with a fully equipped bike workshop.

Our mechanics have been specially trained to assist and evaluate your specific needs and have more than 15 years of experience.
Whether it’s a quick flat tire fix or comprehensive service of your entire bike, we’ve got you covered.

A regularly maintained bike is safer, performs better and will save you money in the long run. We recommend having your bike serviced at least every six months.

Full maintenance Road, Triathlon and double suspension$ 50.000
Full maintenance$ 40.000
Bicycle Packaging for shipping
$ 30.000
Basic maintenance$ 25.000
Lacing and Wheel True (does not include spokes)
$ 20.000
Bike build (pre build in box)
$ 20.000
Brakes adjustment with replacement of cables and housing
$ 12.000
Gears Adjustment with replacement of cables and housing
$ 12.000
Fork installation (star nut not included)
$ 10.000
Brake bleed
$ 10.000
Tubeless sealing (does not include sealant)
$ 10.000
Bike Cleaning
$ 10.000
Wheel True$ 8.000
Hub Maintenance
$ 8.000
Brake adjustment
$ 7.000
Gear adjustment
$ 7.000
Tube installation$ 2.000


Collecting and recycling tubes has been always important to us, thanks to Ursula Graf, we´ve made it possible.

It has been now a nice project, helping her to build beautiful isolation on the walls of Puerto Varas houses, like on the Disability House and many more.

This waste can reach a TON PER YEAR ONLY IN THE COMMUNE.