Welcome to Austral Bikes Bicycle maintenance workshop, come along and give your trusty bicycle the maintenance it deserves.
We are a full-service bike workshop and we offer a huge range of bike components and accessories, along with a fully equipped bike workshop.

Our mechanics have been specially trained to assist and evaluate your specific needs and have more than 10 years of experience.
Whether it’s a quick flat tire fix or comprehensive service of your entire bike, we’ve got you covered.
A regularly maintained bike is safer, performs better and will save you money in the long run. We recommend having your bike serviced at least every six months.

Here’s our current workshop services menu:

workshop services

Full maintenance$40.000
Bike build – from 0$25.000
Basic maintenance$25.000
Child´s bike maintenance (no gears)$15.000
Bike build (pre build in box)
Box bike for shipping
Fork installation (star nut not included)
Brake adjustment with replacement of cables and covers
Gear Adjustment with replacement of cables and covers
Wheel True- centering
Spoke replacement (does not include spokes
Disk brake bleeding each
Tubular sealing each (does not include liquid)
Maintenance hub
Bottom bracket installation
Brake adjustment - tension cable & pad alignment
Gear adjustment - tension cable & alignment
Tubular liquid refill each (does not include liquid)
Tube installation$2.000