Camping Gear & Outdoor



                                                                                                                                 *The rental of camping equipment is per day

We enjoyed camping as a family, “it was cheaper than a hotel”, this was the very first reason why we started camping, but luckily we started to appreciate the outdoors.

We changed our perspective of experiencing nature and wondered where else can we set up a tent, we enjoy Chile’s diversity and loved Carretera Austral, it triggered on us, the ability to rewild our senses!!

Find your way to taste the fresh air, the trees, the rivers and lakes and reel in that escapism just spending quality time by the campfire and zone out for a bit.

We encourage you to carry a tent, a sleeping bag and some camping gear!!

There’s no wi-fi in some places along Carretera Austral, but you’ll find no better connection with the rivers, the lakes, the mountains and the National Parks!!

   Equipment Rental Rates

1 Coleman Tent (for two). Measures: 122 x 198 x 114 cm. Weight: 2,49 kg


1 National Geographic Climb sleeping bag. -13°C /6°C Weight: 1,6 kg Measures: 200 x 80 cm

$ 6.000/day

1 Coleman sleeping bag Mummy Silverton -17,8C Measures: 81 x 209 cm Weight: 2.36 kg

$ 8.000/day

1 National Geographic sleeping bag -1°C /14°C Measures: 83 x 210 cm Weight: 1.0 kg

$ 4.000/day

1 Camping stove


Camping pots for one person


Camping matt. Measures 180cm x 50cm High Peak. Weight 270 gms.


Trekking Poles


     Equipment For Sale

Gas Doite - Pro Gas 450 cc


GAS Doite for the stove 230 cc


GAS NTK for the stove 230 cc


Camping pots for one person


1 Camping stove


LED USB Rechargable Camping Light


USB Rechargeable Lantern LED Tent Lamp


Fork - Spoon - Knife Set


Multifunction silver cuttleware


Multi Tool